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Singles Round-Up (Locos por Juana, Superfónicos, Insólito Universo, Caixa Cubo, Mestizo and more)

Superfónicos: “Primera Luz”

Here’s another one that got lost among the festivities. I’d let it lie if it weren’t so darn good and worthy of attention. When vocalist Jaime Ospina moved from his native Colombia to Austin, Texas, he hooked up with fellow expats who had formed the embryonic group that later became an octet. “Primera Luz” or first light relates to anyone who has come out of a challenging situation such as the pandemic with a new and positive perspective. The song was inspired by the birth of founding member Nicolás Sanchez’s daughter, Lucia, at a time when the pandemic had thrown life into disarray. It’s a “message of inspiration” and a winning song that’s full of promise for the band’s future.

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