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Our Services

At Culo Malo Records, we are committed to helping artists achieve their goals and elevate their careers through a range of services designed to maximize their potential. Here is an overview of the services we offer:

Artist Development

Our team works closely with musicians to provide guidance and support in all aspects of their careers, from creative direction to business strategy. We handle everything from tour planning to contract negotiations to ensure that our artists are able to focus on their music while we take care of the rest.

Event Activation

We specialize in creating unique and memorable experiences for fans and clients alike. From intimate album release parties to large-scale festival activations, we have the resources and expertise to execute flawless events that leave a lasting impression.

Public Relations

We work tirelessly to get our artists the exposure they deserve, whether it's through traditional media outlets or influencer partnerships.

Music Consulting

We provide expert advice and industry insights to help our clients navigate the ever-changing music landscape. Whether it's identifying new revenue streams, developing marketing strategies, or exploring distribution options, we have the knowledge and expertise to help artists make informed decisions about their careers.

Content Creation

Our team of creatives will capture the essence of our clients' brands and connects with their fans. We specialize in music videos, lyric videos, social media content, and more, all designed to help artists tell their stories and grow their fan base.

Brand Marketing

We work with our clients to develop and execute comprehensive brand strategies that build long-term value and engagement. From social media management to brand partnerships, we help artists establish and grow their brands in a way that resonates with their fans and drives revenue.


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Julie Greenwald - President, Atlantic Records

“Thank you so much Erick for rocking our world at Atlantic Records. You did an amazing job!”
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